10 Random Facts (Hello!)


I’m Alex. I’m a food blogger, search-engine-optimization consultant (fancy words for “professional Google searcher”), and student. I spend way too much time on the internet and I spend a whole lot of time writing.

This blog is to document my latest book reviews for a class I’m taking. Whether it’s Alexander Hamilton or The Man in the High Castle, you can probably find a review for it here.

To start off, here’s 10 facts about me.

1. I really want to write creatively for a living. I’m more of a glorified website editor right now, but I’d love to break out into playwriting, podcasting, or any combination of the two.

2. Teachers who don’t care frustrate me more than anything. Actually, people who don’t care about their jobs frustrate me in general. Wanna see me mad? Put me in a class with an apathetic teacher.

3. I’m Cuban. My uncles pummeled the lights out of a wayward ship crew to get to Miami.

4. I grew up in a single-parent home. My dad is my hero.

5. Despite working for a food company, I’m not the greatest at cooking. However, I love to bake. I make some really great cookies.

6. Moving to Gainesville has been a pretty big culture shock. I can’t say that I like it here. The fact that I keep getting asked if I’m Mexican doesn’t help. Someone in one of my classes said, “I can’t believe the school is making me take Spanish. They’re all going to get deported anyway.” Dear Miscellanous Air-Force Airhead,

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7. I telecommute everywhere, meaning I work from home. This has its challenges but I like to think that I have really great self-discipline. I don’t waste a lot of time and I keep to schedules. I like planners more than I should.

8. I am anxiously awaiting for the Dear Evan Hansen soundtrack to come out. Waving Through A Window is my favorite song right now aside from The Get Down soundtrack.

9. I’ve been waiting Havana on Netflix, which is unintentionally hilarious. Netflix’s subtitles sometimes have no idea what to do with a particular translation. For instance, one character said that something was arroz con mango, or rice with mango. Netflix translated as ‘a sticky mess’. Which is a decent translation, just hilarious.

10. Few things make me more nervous than showing other people what I’ve written. Not so much blog posts – but actual fiction? We’ll see how this goes.

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One thought on “10 Random Facts (Hello!)

  1. Interesting life you’ve got there. I can’t imagine how you even keep up with telecommuting! Also, about your Netflix experience, they have become notorious for their hilarious subtitles. A great example being in Star Trek where it showed subtitles under a crying Spock that read, “[Sobbing Mathematically]”


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