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It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

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I am tired.

Lately, my weekends have turned into work-ends (Ha. See what I did there. People pay me to write for a living. Not entirely sure why.). In-between classes, my job picking up due to the impending Superbowl, and the few freelance writing jobs I’ve picked up, things have not slowed down. This past week was particularly bad, especially since I’m getting over being sick.

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But you didn’t read this to complain and I am not writing this to complain. It’s Monday! What are you reading?

Predictably, I’m still wading through the Delaware River that is Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow. As of right now, the book is milling about the subject of George Washington’s “legendary self-control”. After I’m done with Hamilton I might give Ron Chernow’s Titan a try, the Washington counterpart to the Treasury Secretary’s.

“[about the Articles of Confederation] was a powerful argument for Washington, who had gone to Philadelphia feeling that the war would be incomplete without a new Constitution; now, he knew, the Constitution would be incomplete without an effective new government.”

Washington apparently had this unforeseen rage behind his eyes. Chernow mentions that his calculated, cool demeanor was very clearly cultivated. He was careful to remain aloof and calm, even in the face of those who knew him best (eg., Hamilton, the Marquis de Lafayette, Martha Washington). It’s admirable, especially in the face of this week’s politics.

I’m not particularly political and lately I’ve avoided any kind of talk about politics. In this particular presidency, I think it’s really difficult to have any kind of intelligent, calm discourse. Nevertheless, the state of the White House has been on my mind 25/8.

It’s hard not to read Alexander Hamilton and not think about those kinds of things. You read about what the Founding Fathers wanted for America and wonder what they would’ve said about us now.

“What’s a Twitter?” – George Washington, probably.

“Do you have a whipping boy I could perhaps use?” – John Adams, 1/30/2017.

“Who is Meryl Streep?” – A confused soldier from the Battle of Yorktown, 2017.

I like to think that Hamilton would ask for a pen and paper so he could start writing things down. He devoted himself to writing down what was important and trying to analyze it, and trying to be three steps ahead of everyone so he could perform well.

His drive and his ambition was something to behold. It’s something I try to emulate, but I try to mix it with Eliza Hamilton’s values too. Tranquility. Understanding. Equality.

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Pick up a pen, start writing.

Word Count: 435.


3 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

      1. Normally I’m okay with Jane Austen – I’ve read P&P, S&S, Persuasion and Northanger Abbey. There’s just something about epistolary books that makes it difficult to engage me. It’s not so much the language, but the form! 😂


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